About Us

Who we are
We are a new society based at Edinburgh Napier University committed to the campaign for Scottish independence. We welcome members from all parties as well as the non-party-political. You don’t have to be Scottish to join!

Why we support independence
Scotland is one of the oldest nations in Europe with a modern people and a modern outlook on the world. We believe it is time for the people of Scotland to take their rightful place in the global community of nations as an equal, independent member.
Scotland is a fortunate country with an abundance of natural resources, a rich and inclusive culture, a fascinating history, and an inventive and talented people. With independence we will have the opportunity to protect our services, tackle poverty, invest in our resources, live in a Scotland free from trident, and determine our own equal path in the world.
Over the last decade devolution has proven how beneficial Scotland making its own decisions can really be. The Scottish Parliament has led the way on many social issues; imagine how much more we could achieve with the powers of independence. We can harness new technologies in green energy. We can take responsibility for economic growth. We can have a strong voice in Europe and the United Nations, and forge new relationships with our neighbours in these islands and around the world. It’s time Scotland had a voice. It’s time for independence.